What is Reiki?

What Is Reiki?

What is Reiki is a question I hear a lot, although much less often in recent years. Simply put, Reiki is a form of energy healing in which the “healer” channels life force energy and send it through her hands into the energy field of the client. The Reiki energy activates the client’s inborn, natural healing process, gradually restoring physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Reiki originated in Japan and the word itself essentially means spiritually guided life force energy. The techniques for connecting to this energy and giving it to others are taught by Reiki masters to their students. It used to cost a lot of money to obtain Reiki master certification but now it is much more affordable and Reiki is rapidly becoming more popular and well known.

Because the Reiki practitioner works on your energy field, you benefit on all levels—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It’s a simple but powerful technique that anyone can learn and benefit from.

Yeah, But What is Reiki?

Still not sure what the hell I’m talking about? Here’s what happens in your first Reiki treatment session:

  • You come in with your completed Client Intake Form. Over tea or something, we go over the form and talk about what you want to achieve in our work together. And if all you’re looking for is one relaxing session, that’s cool too (but you still have to fill out the form).
  • You lie down on your back on my comfy Reiki table, which is just like a massage table but designed and built by a Reiki master. If you don’t want to lie down, you can sit in a chair. But lying down can be very nice.
  • You close your eyes and listen to the music or meditate or fall asleep. Whatever feels good to you.
  • I give you Reiki. I usually start with my hands under the client’s head for a time, which is nice and calming for most people. If you don’t like your head being touched, just let me know.
  • After a bit, I switch to working in the aura so my hands are not actually touching you. I move down your body and up again, giving Reiki wherever it seems like I should.
  • I usually end by placing my hands on the top of the head and sending Reiki for awhile, and then moving down to send grounding energy into the soles of the feet. When I remove my hands from your feet, the session is over.
  • I gently make sure you’re awake and step out for a few minutes to let you come back to reality.
  • I return and we discuss your experience during the session and how you’re feeling. If I’ve picked up anything intuitively, I will share the information with you. You are free to accept it or ignore it; whatever feels right for you.
  • You return to your life. It’s best to plan relaxing, peaceful activities for the rest of the day / evening.

Hopefully you have a clearer sense of what Reiki is now. But the best way to understand Reiki is to give it a try. It can never hurt. Schedule a session today and find out what this amazing form of energy healing is all about!