Reiki Symbols

Info About the Reiki Symbols

Traditionally, the Usui Reiki symbols and Tibetan Reiki symbols are not supposed to be revealed to just anyone. This is because they are considered sacred. In my opinion, everything in the universe is sacred, which also makes it all not sacred. While there was a time to keep the Reiki symbols a secret from the masses, that time is past. The only reasons to hold onto the idea that the symbols are more sacred than other things are egoic.

The Age of Aquarius, which we are now in, is one of openness, equality, sharing, and love. There is no reason to keep the Reiki symbols from humanity. You can easily find the symbols online and memorize them. There is even information on how to use them.

Using Reiki Symbols

You can play with the symbols you find online but if you find you aren’t able to feel the connection to Reiki energy, consider taking Reiki 1. No symbols are given in Reiki 1 but you’ll get the attunement and learn how to connect to the energy and use it. In Reiki 2, you receive the Choku Rei (power) symbol, the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (distance) symbol, and the Sei He Ki (mental/emotional) symbol. Two more symbols are revealed in your Reiki Master training. (Note that there are different forms of Reiki and different symbols. These are the ones I learned in my training.)

Doing the training and getting the attunements is the best way to learn to use the symbols. The symbols are messages to your subconscious, reminding it that you have powers you forgot about or are unaware of, and this is important in overcoming false beliefs held in this part of your mind. Using the symbols helps you connect more easily to the energies they represent, increasing your ability to help others heal.

The Power of Your Mind

If you are experimenting with the symbols, remember that your intention is the most important part of using them. For example, if you are using the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen for distance healing, it is your intention to send Reiki to that person or place that makes the difference.

If you are using the symbols to help another person, intend that the Reiki energy do what is in that person’s highest interests at the moment. We can’t ever really screw up with Reiki but we can make the experience more powerful and thus more helpful by being clear about our intentions.