Reiki and Energy Healing: How Do They Work?

Reiki and Energy Healing: How Do They Work?

When it comes to Reiki and energy healing, there is no difference. They’re the same thing, although Reiki is not the only form of energy healing. It’s just one of many techniques you can use to help yourself heal, some of them woo woo and many of them common to North Americans.

All energy healing, including Reiki, works by raising your vibration. I’m not a sciency person, so take my explanation lightly; I’m sure someone else can explain it much better than I can. Basically, each thing in the physical world is a set of vibrating molecules (again, I have no idea of that is the right word).
Initially, after we’re conceived we’re vibrating quite quickly. You can see this in the light-heartedness of most children as well as in their seemingly unending energy.

As life goes on, heavier energies get caught in our system and slow our vibration. Examples of how this happens include:

  • Picking up buried sadness from our parents and subconsciously believing it is ours
  • Internalizing our parent’s shame and/or rage
  • Getting our heart broken and burying the grief
  • Watching our parents’ prioritize work and money and subconsciously believing that they love money more than they love us

As you can see, there are countless ways we can take on energies that impact our vibration.

We do things all the time to try to raise our vibration. For example, I live in Calgary and here in Canada, a lot of people who have never tried weed are using it to see if it will help them with their ailments. Getting high is one way to temporarily raise your vibration.

But weed, like alcohol, only patches over the problem. That’s ok! Sometimes we need to be able to deal and it’s ok to use what you need to use in order to do so. God knows I have. Life can be freaking hard!

Energy healing helps you get to the source of problems so you can heal them for good and get a permanent boost to your vibration. It’s not a quick fix but over time changes will happen in all areas of your life.

The higher your vibration, the more you are able to create positive experiences in your life.  You may still create negative experiences, but only to test yourself to see if you’ve really learned the lesson you’re meant to learn.

Choosing a Provider for Reiki / Energy Healing

Do people still worry that they’re going to get ripped off by an energy practitioner? I trust the universe and its love so much that I’m willing go where I’m guided without fear, so I don’t know what everyone else is thinking.

My own experience is that people who practice in this realm would never rip someone off. I suppose that your experience could be different, depending on what you’re on Earth to learn.

(Side note thoughts on this: Calling the experience of being ripped off a bad one is just ego making its judgements. If I’m feeling like I saw someone who took advantage of me, it’s my choice to look for the gift in that. Where have I taken advantage of others? Where am I taking advantage of myself? What conclusions am I jumping to instead of remaining open to what happens?)

I’ve practically stumbled over the people I needed to see for energy healing help. If you watch and stay open, you’ll find this to be true for you as well.

Some suggestions for finding what’s right for you:

  • Pay attention to what you’re drawn to. Is there a healing technique that interests you? Is there something that other people keep bringing your attention to or that you keep stumbling on online?
  • Go to a mind, body, spirit fair/expo. You’ll get to talk to various practitioners and learn about a wide variety of alternative healing techniques. See what you resonate with and go from there.
  • Just start trying things. Go for a session and see what it’s like. Remember that energy healing can have immediate benefits but can also bring up pain for you to feel and release, so try not to judge too quickly. Feeling and releasing the heavy painful stuff is the only way we can actually heal ourselves.

Whether you choose Reiki or another energy healing technique, or a bunch of them like I did, you’ll be steadily increasing your vibration. Bit by bit, you’ll release what no longer serves you and uncover gifts and talents you didn’t know you had.

Ultimately, energy healing is a journey, and it’s an exciting one to be on. I wish you well on yours.

“Just wanted to book another session for my son over the next week or so here if possible? He seems to feel much better after his appointments. Thanks so much!” 


“Oh wow!! That’s amazing that you did the research and took the time to look into that for me. Thank you so much. You have such an amazing gift of healing.” 


“Hi, it’s the gal you did a reiki session on last Wed. I wanted to let you know that things have been very good since. I have felt lighter and more motivated. You were right, the first day or two after, I was feeling irritated by little things but that has seemed to pass for the most part. Thank you for the wonderful session and giving me some insight into some things right now.” 


“I’m doing well, feel more relaxed than I was before the session. Thank you for everything.” 


“Thank you again for the healing session, it helped a lot with the energy, as I could feel more of a third eye opening and even crown chakra opening recently.”

Dorian M.

“Thank you for the reiki session yesterday. You brought up some very insightful information and we’ll have to see what happens. I’m feeling quite emotional today so hopefully, I can release some things.” 

Miriam L.

“I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to reach out to thank you so much for your support through reiki over the last few months. I can say I have felt a connection and also have felt the benefits of clarity from these sessions.” 

Cameron L.

“Since the first session, I’ve felt amazing. I’m quite surprised. I feel pretty calm as well.”

C. C.

“I am feeling good now and I got my mojo back! Had a very good sleep last night. Thank you once again!!”

Linda G.

“Thank you so much I appreciate your help. Meeting you is the best thing that happened to me. I will definitely keep in touch.” 

Ike N.

“My favorite part is reading the email after [the distance session] because it is always bang on.” 

Brandi M.

“Well, I’d say you nailed me for sure! Made me laugh!! Everything you said does resonate with me.”

Deb. G.

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