Does Reiki Really Work?

Does Reiki Really Work?

“Does Reiki really work?” they ask. And I get it.

Listen, I was raised to be sceptical of everything. But I was also naturally open-minded and, looking around at all the crazy in the world, I felt pretty sure that there was more going on than those who raised me knew.

But I never would have thought I’d become a Reiki practitioner. Never! In fact, at the end of my first year of group meetings to explore Reiki energy healing techniques (that I intended to use only on myself) our group leader took us to a park.

We sat in circle and sent Reiki to people we thought could use a little extra love. I don’t remember anything about the guided meditation that came after, but we were in the park—HOLDING HANDS. PEOPLE—for 20 to 30 minutes. At the end, our leader asked us to share what the experience was like for us.

I said, “To be honest, I couldn’t stop thinking, ‘Is this stuff for real or are we just a bunch of nut bags holding hands in a park?’”

So you see, I too wondered, “Does Reiki really work?”

One Story of Reiki Working

I have a friend I’ll call Jack, who’s in his 50s. A couple of years ago Jack invited me over. We hadn’t seen each other for well over a year.

When he opened the door, I was shocked. He was carrying so much heavy energy. I could see it on him, and I could see how it was weighing him down.

We sat down to chat and Jack told me about all the extremely stressful situations he was involved in. During the first hour or so, he not only said he felt like he was going to have a heart attack, he also used three heart-based metaphors—things like “that hit me right in the heart.”

When the third metaphor came out of his mouth, I realized that Jack’s subconscious was telling me that his heart couldn’t take the stress he was under much longer. Something had to shift.

At first I decided not to say anything. Jack is fairly open-minded but he is a big sceptic and had never expressed interest in trying any kind of energy healing technique. And I didn’t think it was my place to tell him he was going to have a heart attack if things didn’t change.

That’s when the cramping in my lower abdomen started. I dashed for the bathroom but the cramping continued. I asked my body what was wrong and clearly heard, “It will stop when you say something. You’re here to help this man.”

Ok then. Message heard, but how to have the conversation without scaring him. Thankfully, it turned out that Jack needed a favour from me. I said I’d do it if he’d come and try a Reiki session, and he agreed.

A man of his word, Jack came for Reiki. I didn’t talk to him again for about three months. When I did I learned that Jack had changed a lot in his life in those three months. He’d managed to get rid of all the stressful situations that had been weighing on him, and he looked much better.

I can’t say that one Reiki session was solely responsible for the changes that took place in Jack’s life. All I know is that it was important for him to get on that table and that a lot of areas of his life improved afterward. Something shifted!

Another Story of Reiki Working

I have a client I’ll call Murdock who was experiencing extreme sciatic pain. The pain was in his lower back and running down the back of his legs.

Murdock is a long-time client who uses homeopathy as well as Reiki and I’ve seen him change a lot over time as he becomes more and more himself. The sciatic pain was a recurring issue for him and it was very debilitating when it flared up.

We did a Reiki session, at the end of which I put my hands on the chakras in the centre of the soles of the feet and sent grounding energy. I kept my hands there for quite a bit longer than I usually do, until Murdock’s legs suddenly gave a massive jerk.

I finished the session and Murdock sat up. He was exhausted and had to take a nap for about half hour. After his nap, he decided to take a walk so it was about an hour before I saw him again.

“How is the pain?” I asked.

He looked surprised. “Oh,” he said. “It’s gone. I’d forgotten all about it.”

That was about three years ago. The sciatic pain never returned.

Again, it isn’t that one Reiki session allowed Murdock to heal the source of that pain. It was that he’d reached a point where he could heal the source of the pain and the Reiki helped him along.

Find Out How Reiki Works for You

We never know how Reiki is going to work but my experience is that it always works somehow. Something shifts and changes can occur in the weeks and months that follow.

If you’re thinking you need a Reiki session, I gotta say you’re probably right. And who knows what the impact might be on you?

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