Vibrational Healing

Vibrational Healing 101

New to vibrational healing? Congratulations for starting to explore the path to true healing that leads to a state of perfect health and the power to make your dreams come true.

Yeah, I know. It sounds ridiculous. But it’s not. The path to true healing has been known all along but few people achieved it. Those who did we called enlightened and acted like they were better than us.

Today, we are all able to use vibrational healing to heal ourselves.

Richard Gerber, M.D., defines vibrational medicine as Einsteinian medicine because it “sees human beings as networks of complex energy fields that interface with physical / cellular systems.” (Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies, Richard Gerber, M.D., page 39.) Vibrational medicine is the practice of using other forms of energy to positively impact these energy fields.

(You should get Gerber’s book. It’s really good and takes the woo woo out of vibrational healing and related concepts.)

Vibrational healing is the same thing as energy healing, holistic healing, spiritual healing, mind/body/spirit healing, bioenergy healing, psychic healing, hands on healing, etc. You are using vibrational healing if you are using crystals, food, Reiki, exercise, sound, homeopathy, flower essences, etc. to positively impact your energy field.

Why We Need Vibrational Healing Techniques

As human beings, we are our healthiest, most powerful selves when we are vibrating at the vibration of love. Love is what we truly are and it is through the vibration of love that we create lives that we love.

Check in with yourself right now. Are you vibrating at the vibration of love? Chances are there is other stuff going on in there that covers up the love, maybe just some of the time, maybe all the time.

Here’s the thing—we may come in as straight up love, but then life starts “happening” to us. Maybe we feel our mother’s anxiety or self-loathing when we’re in utero, or hear or parents’ fighting and feel fear. Then we have the stress of birth.

Then we’re helpless and unable to understand anything that’s happening here except by reading energy. Then we’re lied to and told that what we intuit is incorrect as our parents unconsciously lie to themselves, denying what they’re really feeling.

(Honestly, I look at small children now and just shake my head. How do they keep from telling us we’re all fucking insane?)

The bottom line is that we bury stuff in our unconscious right from day one. We also bury emotions that are too intense to feel in our bodies, right down to the cellular level.

This buried energy vibrates at a much lower vibration than love, keeping your personal vibration lower than optimal. It all has to come out before we can be our healthiest, most powerful selves.

(I’m sorry about the yuck having to come out. If it’s any consolation, this is easier now than it ever has been in the past. I won’t get into the reasons for this. Just take it as great news.)

Overcoming Disbelief

When I first started down the road of vibrational healing I was very skeptical. I had been using homeopathy for a year and a half, had been attuned to Reiki II for a year, and studying the chakras with my teacher for a year and I still wondered if I was nuts—even though I’d seen many positive changes.

And when “dead” people started talking to me? Forget about it! People were always telling me they didn’t need validation from their dead loved ones and I was like, “Yeah, but I do! I need them to prove this is real.”

Being a skeptic is a good thing but you do want to get over it so you can live your most amazing life. You can start by being more aware of your energy and how it changes. What has a negative impact on your energy system? What has a positive impact? Why? Look beyond answers like “Because I like it/him/her.” Go deeper by continuing to ask why.

Another way to get more comfortable with the idea of vibrational healing is to pay more attention to the energy other things are giving off. What is the energy of that flower or banana or rock? You have the ability to sense it.

What about people? What energy do the people in your life give off? (Try this last one with the air of a scientific researcher or private investigator rather than a judge. Like “Hmm. Bob’s energy feels really heavy.” As opposed to “Wow, Bob’s really weighing me down with his asshole energy.”)

The most important thing you can do to overcome your disbelief in vibrational healing is to start practicing some kind of energy healing modality. Or two or 20. Just do it, and over time you’ll start to understand yourself as a vibrational field of energies because of your direct experience—the only experience we should ever let inform our opinions.