Distance Healing

Distance Healing: Get the Lowdown

Distance healing is becoming increasingly accepted in much of the world. More and more people are experiencing the effects of distance healing and the understanding of why it works is spreading. Plus, how convenient can you get? All you have to do is get comfy and let the healer do the work.

As far as I can tell, there’s no one way to do distance healing. Reiki practitioners do it, but there are many other people who have developed their own methods of distance healing, or have learned the technique from someone trained in a particular energy healing modality.

When I do a distance Reiki session with a client, I usually prepare my Reiki bed as I do when I see a client in person. At the appointed time, I visualize my client on the bed and send Reiki energy as I would if the client was really there.

Some clients feel as relaxed as they would during an in-person session. Others aren’t sure if they felt anything. And some are very aware that the healing session is taking place. Regardless of the client’s experience, it’s my belief that the distance healing session has benefit every time.

Benefits of Distance Healing

Distance healing offers the same benefits of other energy healing techniques. Relaxation is a big one, and that’s important because relaxing is how we access the emotions, memories, and beliefs stored in our bodies and minds so we can process and release them. You may notice a variety of benefits, including pain relief and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Of course, if you’re receiving distance healing from someone and don’t think you are experiencing any benefits, you certainly want to consider changing providers or looking for an energy healing technique that works better for you. But before you do, make sure you look at your entire life to see what’s changed since you started the distance healing sessions.

Our bodies and minds use the life force energy delivered during a healing session to do what is in our highest interests in the moment. This means that the changes that occur may not be what we expect.

For example, you might receive a series of distance healings for a physical issue and not feel much or even any relief. But a healer might point out that you are sleeping better. Often the first thing that needs to happen is increased sleep. Most of us are running on a sleep deficit and need to catch up in order to have enough energy to truly heal ourselves.

What other changes have occurred in the way you feel, think, and act? Has anything changed in your external life? Perhaps your relationship with your family has improved or you’re no longer scraping by financially. These types of changes can also be the result of shifts in your energy system as a result of distance healing sessions.

How Distance Healing Works

We are all energy, as is everything in the universe. It’s all one big, vibrating energy field. When we do any kind of energy healing, we are working within that field.

The healer works with Spirit to connect with you no matter where you are so she or he can read and shift your energy. Because the healer is working with energy and Spirit, the rules of the physical world simply don’t apply.

Understanding how distance healing works can be a challenge to our materially focused minds. The great news is that you don’t have to understand it to reap the benefits. Try a session with someone you resonate with and see what happens. Chances are you’ll be amazed and want to do more sessions from the comfort of your home.

“Just wanted to book another session for my son over the next week or so here if possible? He seems to feel much better after his appointments. Thanks so much!” 


“Oh wow!! That’s amazing that you did the research and took the time to look into that for me. Thank you so much. You have such an amazing gift of healing.” 


“Hi, it’s the gal you did a reiki session on last Wed. I wanted to let you know that things have been very good since. I have felt lighter and more motivated. You were right, the first day or two after, I was feeling irritated by little things but that has seemed to pass for the most part. Thank you for the wonderful session and giving me some insight into some things right now.” 


“I’m doing well, feel more relaxed than I was before the session. Thank you for everything.” 


“Thank you again for the healing session, it helped a lot with the energy, as I could feel more of a third eye opening and even crown chakra opening recently.”

Dorian M.

“Thank you for the reiki session yesterday. You brought up some very insightful information and we’ll have to see what happens. I’m feeling quite emotional today so hopefully, I can release some things.” 

Miriam L.

“I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to reach out to thank you so much for your support through reiki over the last few months. I can say I have felt a connection and also have felt the benefits of clarity from these sessions.” 

Cameron L.

“Since the first session, I’ve felt amazing. I’m quite surprised. I feel pretty calm as well.”

C. C.

“I am feeling good now and I got my mojo back! Had a very good sleep last night. Thank you once again!!”

Linda G.

“Thank you so much I appreciate your help. Meeting you is the best thing that happened to me. I will definitely keep in touch.” 

Ike N.

“My favorite part is reading the email after [the distance session] because it is always bang on.” 

Brandi M.

“Well, I’d say you nailed me for sure! Made me laugh!! Everything you said does resonate with me.”

Deb. G.