Bio Energy Healing

Bio Energy Healing: Does it Work?

Bio energy healing is the act of manipulating the body’s cells by working with your energy field. It is another term for energy healing, which goes by many other names. In my opinion, it does work, although it may take longer than we like. After all, we are used to just taking a pill and having the pain go away.

But more and more of us are waking up to the fact that taking the pill doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. Sometimes the pill becomes ineffective as our bodies try harder to get our attention. Sometimes the body has to develop another more extreme symptom to try to get our attention. We go to different types of doctors, get different tests done, and find out no one can help us.

That’s usually when we turn to bio energy healing techniques. Because at this point, we’ll try anything, whether we believe it works or not.

Why Bio Energy Healing Works

Everything is energy and human beings, like all living things, are alive because of life force energy. We continually take in this life force energy and use it to maintain a state of health.

When we don’t know how to do this consciously, we unconsciously allow blocks to form in our energetic systems. This impedes our ability to take in enough life force energy to sustain health and we develop symptoms of dis-ease.

Using bio energy healing techniques helps us clear those blocks from our energetic systems. Over time, the mind, body, and spirit come back into alignment, allowing us to take in more life force energy.

Bio Energy Healing Techniques

There are many techniques for healing the biological-energetic bodies we have been blessed with. Just having someone really hear our story in a nonjudgmental, compassionate way can be healing in itself. Anything we do that gives us real pleasure, that makes our soul leap with joy, is healing.

The best thing you can do is research various techniques and see what you resonate with. Does Reiki intrigue you? Try it out. If not, explore the Internet for other types of healing alternatives and choose what sounds good. You can always try something else later.

How Do You Know it’s Working?

Everyone is different. During a healing treatment, you may or may not feel the energy. You may or may not feel other sensations. You may or may not suddenly wonder why you’re hanging on to a silly little grudge from the past and be able to just let it go. In most cases, people at least feel more relaxed during and after treatment.

But the thing about energy healing sessions is that you continue to experience changes in the days, weeks, and even months afterward, especially if you’re getting regular treatments. Sometimes the changes will be very noticeable and you’ll connect them to the energy work. Other times you might not notice them until you’re going over your client intake form and realize that an issue in your life simply doesn’t exist anymore.

You’ll know the bio energy healing technique is working if things start to improve for you on the physical, mental, emotional, or energetic level—or on all levels. You may doubt that it’s the energy work that’s making the difference. But if you go by how you feel over time, it should be clear that it’s working.

Anatase Energy Healing will also be bringing in a Biopulsar to read people’s energy. The Biopulsar reads the energy being emitted from the meridians on your hand and shows you your aura on the computer screen. You can see how your aura is changing over time and how specific techniques or products impact your energy field.

The Biopulsar will be a great tool for actually seeing the impact of bio energy healing. You’ll know it works!