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How I Healed Histamine Intolerance Using Energy Healing

If you have histamine intolerance, please don’t consider this to be medical advice or in any way a suggestion for what you should do. You’re on your own path and must do what’s right for you. If you know someone with histamine intolerance, please don’t use this article to badger that person to follow the path you want them to follow.

Around the age of 40, I started having unusual symptoms and couldn’t figure out what was causing them. They could be as minor as sneezing fits and diarrhoea and as life threatening as plummeting blood pressure and difficulty breathing. 

I finally figured out that I was reacting to histamine in food. The histamine levels in my body were so high that additional histamine in the food caused reactions.

It’s called histamine intolerance.

Initially I decided to live with the condition and just do my best to prevent the most severe reactions. This was easy because severe reactions only happened if I drank alcohol before consuming food or if I drank an alcohol high in histamines (clear alcohols like vodka are the lowest in histamines and didn’t cause a reaction as long as I didn’t eat anything after drinking them).

I accepted the less severe reactions. I did not see an allopathic doctor. I had read that it was not curable, so felt that there was no point.

So I was living with it. But a few months later, I started having panic attacks. I wasn’t having that! I finally agreed to see the N.D. my husband was seeing.

I had no idea how life-changing that decision would be. 

My N.D. began treating me with homeopathy. Homeopathy treats your whole system: body, mind, and spirit. I wanted the histamine intolerance to go away but I got so much more.

One of the first things I realized after taking a remedy was that I had to cleanse my diet so that I was only eating foods very low in histamine. This meant my diet was very limited. 

For example, the only protein I ate was homemade split pea soup (I was a vegetarian at the time). I ate that damn soup once a day every day for around 18 months. 

(Amazingly, I still love it today!)

The ‘Bad Person’ Thought

So I changed my diet to low-histamine foods and beverages, started sleeping straight through the night (unheard of before starting homeopathy), and learned Reiki so I could use it to help myself heal.

At some point, I began to hear the thought, “I am a bad person.” This thought had always been there but I had not been conscious of it. 

The thought would usually start after dinner and come up several times throughout the evening. Sometimes I just heard it. Other times the emotions that came up with it felt so painful that I became extremely upset because I was a bad person. 

It was clear that I wholeheartedly believed that I was a bad person on a subconscious level.

Healing the Histamine Intolerance

One day I decided to write down all the reasons that I am a bad person. I am a bad person because… There was a fair-sized list of judgements I was making about myself.

Then I sat down and did Byron Katie’s The Work on each judgement. 

When I was done, I realized that I was not a bad person; I was a good person.

Now here’s the crazy part.

I was instantly filled with bliss and went straight into meditation. I felt my pineal gland power up and energy poured from the pineal gland down into the solar plexus, where it started churning. 

When the energy was done working on the solar plexus, it moved up to my head and started working away in there. After some time, fear thoughts came in and I heard a voice tell me to open my eyes. The healing was over.

I knew immediately that I could now eat whatever I wanted. I had teriyaki salmon for dinner. Delicious!

I did not heal the core belief that I am a bad person that day. I guess that’s what the energy was trying to do while working in my head, but I wasn’t ready for full healing yet. I still have that thought and I still identify with it, although the emotional power it has over me has lessened over time. 

What I don’t have is histamine intolerance. For that, I experienced a complete energy healing. I am so grateful that I can eat anything I want now. 

Healing yourself with alternative energy techniques takes time. But the results are permanent as you get to the heart of the issue. 

“Just wanted to book another session for my son over the next week or so here if possible? He seems to feel much better after his appointments. Thanks so much!” 


“Oh wow!! That’s amazing that you did the research and took the time to look into that for me. Thank you so much. You have such an amazing gift of healing.” 


“Hi, it’s the gal you did a reiki session on last Wed. I wanted to let you know that things have been very good since. I have felt lighter and more motivated. You were right, the first day or two after, I was feeling irritated by little things but that has seemed to pass for the most part. Thank you for the wonderful session and giving me some insight into some things right now.” 


“I’m doing well, feel more relaxed than I was before the session. Thank you for everything.” 


“Thank you again for the healing session, it helped a lot with the energy, as I could feel more of a third eye opening and even crown chakra opening recently.”

Dorian M.

“Thank you for the reiki session yesterday. You brought up some very insightful information and we’ll have to see what happens. I’m feeling quite emotional today so hopefully, I can release some things.” 

Miriam L.

“I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to reach out to thank you so much for your support through reiki over the last few months. I can say I have felt a connection and also have felt the benefits of clarity from these sessions.” 

Cameron L.

“Since the first session, I’ve felt amazing. I’m quite surprised. I feel pretty calm as well.”

C. C.

“I am feeling good now and I got my mojo back! Had a very good sleep last night. Thank you once again!!”

Linda G.

“Thank you so much I appreciate your help. Meeting you is the best thing that happened to me. I will definitely keep in touch.” 

Ike N.

“My favorite part is reading the email after [the distance session] because it is always bang on.” 

Brandi M.

“Well, I’d say you nailed me for sure! Made me laugh!! Everything you said does resonate with me.”

Deb. G.