Energetic Healing Modalities

Energetic Healing Modalities

Today, a large number of energetic healing modalities are available. These range from treatments many of us have heard of, such as acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic, massage, holistic nutrition, yoga, and meditation to alternatives we may not know much, if anything, about, such as Reiki, bio energy healing, hands-on healing, aura healing, flower essence therapy, crystal therapy, and shamanic healing.

This, of course, isn’t a comprehensive list of the many modalities out there. If you attend mind, body, and spirit tradeshows, you’ll likely encounter more alternatives to choose from.

What makes a healing technique energetic is the fact that your energy system—which can also be called your energy body or energy field—is being worked on. I’m a Reiki practitioner who works with energy through your chakras. An intuitive, I “see” the state the chakra in my mind’s eye and can often “hear” what the chakra wants to tell me to help it regain balance. I also use Reiki to encourage the chakras to release what no longer serves you and come back into balance.

I also suggest things you can do to support your energy system based on what’s going on with your chakras. So if your root chakra is weak (and it is for many of us), I would, over time, recommend spending time in nature, taking a few minutes each day to connect your root chakra to the Earth’s core, wearing red or adding some red to your environment, carrying or wearing a crystal that vibrates at the same resonance as a healthy root chakra, and journaling to explore your beliefs about security. All of these things support your root chakra and help your energy system come back into balance.

Someone who practices another energetic healing modality will work differently and may have different suggestions. None of these modalities are better than the others. They all exist because there are seven billion people on this planet and they are each going through their own journey. Humankind needs a variety of healing options if we are all to eventually heal!

Choosing an Energetic Healing Technique

First, don’t stress about this. In my experience, the right people and modalities find you. You’ll meet someone or read something and you’ll intuitively feel it’s the right thing for you.

Secondly, you’re not limited to one healing technique. I’ve used a number of energetic healing modalities in my journey and continue to do so.

You are also free to stop using a technique or seeing a particular practitioner whenever it feels right for you. Those of us who practice energetic healing always have our clients’ best interests at heart and want them to do what feels right for them at any given time.

I also want to point out that you don’t need to believe in energetic healing for it to help you. I was the biggest skeptic out there even after a full year of using homeopathy and Reiki. I saw the results but I kept wondering if energy healing was real. Skepticism is good and it will gradually wane as you have more and more experiences with energetic healing.