Channeling Healing Energy

Channeling Healing Energy: Get Started Today

Channeling healing energy is something we can all do, for ourselves and others. There are formal ways of learning how to do it, such as Reiki training, and these can be useful because they help our minds adjust to the fact that we are actually doing it. But you can play with channeling energy without formal training too.

Let’s face it—we’re all channeling energy all the time, we’re just not aware of it. If you weren’t channeling healing energy right now, you wouldn’t be alive. You may not be channeling as much healing energy as you could due to blocks in your energy system, but you are channeling it.

Here are a couple of exercises you can do to convince yourself that you have the power to feel the energy field and bring in healing energy that you can use to heal yourself and help others heal themselves.

Learn What Energy Feels Like

Hold your hands out in front of you, palms facing one another. Move them slightly closer to one another, then slightly farther apart. Play with this movement—closer, farther apart—focusing on what you feel between the palms.

You can feel the energy, can’t you? It’s there, between your palms and it can be felt. This is life force energy that you are already channeling.

Here’s another exercise you can do with a friend. Take turns seeing what you can sense as you run your hands a couple of inches from each other’s physical bodies. Go from head to toe.

The first thing you might notice is differences in temperature, such as a coolness at a certain spot on your friend’s back or from the knees down. Areas of coolness indicate that less energy is flowing from that spot and that there is likely a block (or more) that needs to be released for the energy to flow freely again.

You may notice other things as well. Share what you notice with one another and see where the conversation takes you.

Channel Healing Energy Yourself

There is no great mystery when it comes to channeling healing energy. Essentially, you envision a vertical tube of light running through all your chakras. Imagine it running straight into the Earth, right down to the core, and anchoring itself to the core in whatever way you wish. This keeps you grounded so you won’t get all spacey when channeling the energy.

Then imagine your seventh chakra, at the top of the head, opening. Send that vertical tube of light up to connect with the source of all life—whatever that means to you. Ask the energy to flow strongly into you.

You can simply sit and let this energy flow into you. Your body will know what to do with it. If you want to try using it to help someone else heal, imagine the energy flowing from the top of your head into your heart, then down your arms and out your palms.

To pass the energy to the other person, put your hands on or over their chakras. You’re working on their energy field so you don’t have to touch them, although you can if they don’t mind.

Intention is very important when channeling healing energy. We don’t get to say what is in another person’s highest good. We may send someone energy with the intention of making their headache go away, but maybe that headache is there to help them realize something. So always intend for the energy to be used in the best way for that person. That way, you won’t think of yourself as a failure if it “doesn’t work.” (It always works but how it works is not our business!)

Pay attention to what you sense as you envision energy, perhaps as white light, flowing from your palms into the other person’s chakra. You might feel heat in your palms. You might feel energy flowing out of the chakra—this will be energy that’s been trapped and that needs to leave the person’s system now. You might intuit things, as thoughts or images or both. These things can be shared with the other person if it feels right to do so.

When you’re finished channeling healing energy, imagine the chakra at the top of your head, returning to normal size. Cut the connection with the strong flow of energy and give thanks to source for sending you healing.