Benefits of Energy Healing

Benefits of Energy Healing

Energy healing has a number of benefits. One treatment can improve your overall sense of wellbeing but may not make an enormous difference in your life. But committing to healing your self so your energy can flow freely is, over time, life changing.

After four years of going through the healing process using various energy healing modalities, I have experienced countless benefits. Everyone’s experience will be different, but here’s what’s happened for me:

  • I used to be shy and suffered extreme social anxiety. Now I love engaging with people and will talk to anyone, anywhere!
  • I used to have chronic chest pain and various aches and pains in the body. Now I feel awesome.
  • I used to worry about money and about the future in general. Now I live in the present, with the knowledge that all is well and there is nothing to fear.
  • I used to be depressed because I was afraid of feeling painful emotions. Now I welcome them, feel them, and let them move through me so I don’t have to carry them around. This helps me keep my vibration high and my body and mind healthy. No more depression.
  • My husband, who went through the healing process with me, is my best friend. While we always got along well and knew we were soul mates, our relationship is now based on 100% honesty and we are completely authentic with one another. It is so fun!
  • Energy healing removed the blocks that were getting in the way of being able to access my intuition and extra sensory perception. I’m not sure how to even explain how this has changed my life. Decisions are easier because you have all this extra knowledge. It’s easier to predict the outcome of your actions. I’ve communicated with people who have crossed over and met someone my soul recognized from a past lifetime, erasing the fear of death. Life is just so much easier and enjoyable!
  • I used to be judgy of myself and others. Now I realize we are all just doing our best and I have compassion for both myself and all other human beings. It’s a much nicer place to be in.
  • I used to feel like life was happening to me. Now I know that I am fully in control of my life and that the universe supports me in making my dreams come true.
  • I used to feel like there was something missing in my life. There was—the real me! Now I am my real self and know my purpose. Nothing feels better than that!

Believe it or not, these are just a handful of the benefits of energy healing that I have experienced. It might sound like it’s too good to be true. I get that. But that’s only because we haven’t looked at the downside of energy healing.

The Yuck of Energy Healing

The benefits of energy healing are available to everyone, although the wonderful things you experience may be different from what I’ve experienced. And you might not experience the yuck that I’ve experienced either. But you should know that it isn’t all butterflies and roses.

Here are some of the not-so-great things I had to go through to get where I am today:

  • I had to remember painful buried memories and old wounds and feel the shame and grief so it could all be released.
  • I had to experience intense anxiety and wail it out until it was all gone. I also had to experience intense rage for months (usually only in the mornings, but still sucked).
  • I had to suffer four bouts of extreme physical pain, during which I was paralyzed and could do nothing but breathe and experience the pain. These only lasted about 20 minutes each but they hurt like hell. I still don’t know why I had to go through them but they taught me a lot about just letting go and letting my body do what it needed to do (oh, I guess that’s why I had to go through them). I felt quite marvelous when each one ended and I no longer fear physical pain.
  • I had to experience a betrayal to help me let go of something so I could move in the direction my highest self wanted to move in.
  • I had to be willing to be vulnerable and make changes and take actions that scared me.

Yuck, hey? Energy healing is not for the faint of heart.

Luckily, we have a lot more courage than we think we do. In truth, if energy healing is part of your journey, you won’t feel that you are courageous. It feels like something you have to do. And when the yuck comes up, you’ll deal with it. Other people will tell you you’re brave to deal with it and you’ll tell them you’re not brave—there’s nothing you can do but go through it. But that is the very essence of courage, my dear, and the benefits of courageously facing your yuck are tremendous!

Please don’t let the yuck scare you off of energy healing. My husband had to experience his yuck but his experience was entirely different. For example, he processed rage in one weekend while I had to go through it for ages.

Your experience will be uniquely your own and you’ll never have to go through more than you can handle because your soul is in charge of when and how it all happens. The best thing is, when we heal all the yuck, we never have to deal with it again. It’s gone, it’s healed, and we get to reap the glorious benefits of energy healing!

“Just wanted to book another session for my son over the next week or so here if possible? He seems to feel much better after his appointments. Thanks so much!” 


“Oh wow!! That’s amazing that you did the research and took the time to look into that for me. Thank you so much. You have such an amazing gift of healing.” 


“Hi, it’s the gal you did a reiki session on last Wed. I wanted to let you know that things have been very good since. I have felt lighter and more motivated. You were right, the first day or two after, I was feeling irritated by little things but that has seemed to pass for the most part. Thank you for the wonderful session and giving me some insight into some things right now.” 


“I’m doing well, feel more relaxed than I was before the session. Thank you for everything.” 


“Thank you again for the healing session, it helped a lot with the energy, as I could feel more of a third eye opening and even crown chakra opening recently.”

Dorian M.

“Thank you for the reiki session yesterday. You brought up some very insightful information and we’ll have to see what happens. I’m feeling quite emotional today so hopefully, I can release some things.” 

Miriam L.

“I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to reach out to thank you so much for your support through reiki over the last few months. I can say I have felt a connection and also have felt the benefits of clarity from these sessions.” 

Cameron L.

“Since the first session, I’ve felt amazing. I’m quite surprised. I feel pretty calm as well.”

C. C.

“I am feeling good now and I got my mojo back! Had a very good sleep last night. Thank you once again!!”

Linda G.

“Thank you so much I appreciate your help. Meeting you is the best thing that happened to me. I will definitely keep in touch.” 

Ike N.

“My favorite part is reading the email after [the distance session] because it is always bang on.” 

Brandi M.

“Well, I’d say you nailed me for sure! Made me laugh!! Everything you said does resonate with me.”

Deb. G.

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