Reading Chakras

Reading Chakras: How I Do It and How You Can Too

Reading chakras is done with your third eye energy—your psychic senses. As you may know, we’re all psychic, which means we can all read our own chakras and other people’s chakras. All it takes is practice.

When I give someone Reiki, I usually spend most of the time over the seven major chakras. While I’m there, I chat up the chakra, asking it to tell me what’s going on. Sometimes I get a very specific answer, sometimes just general info that any fool could have figured out. Sometimes I hear nothing at all.

While I’m listening for anything the chakra might want to share with me, I also picture it in my mind’s eye. If it’s not in the right shape, I’ll intentionally try to smooth it out or do whatever I think might help it.

Exercise for Reading Chakras

To read your own chakras, you need to tune into your intuition. This is done by quieting the mind and directing your focus to the chakra itself.

I’ve found that information being held in the energy system (intuitive information, if you like) comes up from my gut rather than just appearing in my head like a thought. That may not make any sense if you haven’t experienced it but when it happens, you’ll know. Your experience may be completely different, so go with whatever happens and trust that it’s real.

  • Find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. Sit comfortably or lie down. You might want to have a journal and pen nearby to record what you learn.
  • Quiet the mind with meditation before you begin. If you don’t have a meditation practice, try a guided meditation from YouTube.
  • Tune into the chakra of your choice. You can put your hand on it to help you focus if that feels ok.
  • Now all you have to do is watch. If visualization comes easy to you, visualize the chakra. What colour is it? Shape? How is it moving?
  • Use all your senses to explore what’s going on with this chakra. Does it have anything it wants you to know? Is it holding a lot of energy or is there too little energy there? Most importantly, what does this chakra need in order to become more balanced?
  • You can write down anything you see, hear, feel, etc. in your journal. You may also want to ask that chakra to talk to you and write down everything that comes up.

Trust Yourself

The biggest obstacle people have when it comes to reading their own energy system is the belief that they can’t. I think we’ve been taught that only “special” people can see auras, read chakras, be psychic, etc.

While it’s true that small numbers of people had these gifts in the past, we are now waking up to the fact that all human beings are capable of working with energy. We are all capable of healing ourselves, of understanding ourselves on an energetic level, and of reading other people’s energy. It’s simply part of being human.

When I first started doing guided past life regressions on myself using videos on YouTube, I wondered if I was making up the experiences that came into my consciousness. I didn’t care either way, because they were definitely helpful and helped me shift energy patterns that needed shifting. But when I had a memory of a past life come up spontaneously, I knew there was something more going on.

If you question whether you are just making things up, don’t worry. It happens to all of us at the beginning and takes time to get over. Whether you are “making it up” (you’re not) or not, you will still find the information helpful.

Another Method of Reading Chakras (Coming Soon)

You can’t do this one at home but it is super helpful. The Biopulsar is a biofeedback tool that reads your electromagnetic field and the seven major chakras. It reads your energy in real time so you can see what’s going on and what will help you bring your system back into balance.

Call me at 403.607.5996, email me, or schedule a chakra reading with the Biopulsar!