Chakra Depression

The Chakra Depression Connection

The chakra depression connection is something we should all be talking about. As you know, depression is rampant and it’s not always severe. Many people, perhaps you too, are living with some depression, under the illusion that it’s not possible to feel any other way.

Believe me, I get it. When you look at all the insanity in the world, or just at the mundaneness of everyday life, it can seem like you’d have to be crazy to not be depressed. Plus there’s all that negative self-talk in our heads, unhealed wounds from our past, and fears of the future. How could anyone not be at least a little depressed?

It takes time but you can heal yourself to the point where you have no depression. I know, because I’ve done it, and now I’m filled with joy. Not every moment at this point. I’m still processing buried negativity, but I don’t attach to those negative emotions anymore. I let them be, release them, and experience the joy that underlies them—the joy that we really are—once again.

The chakra depression connection refers to what’s going on energetically when we experience depression. Please remember, what I write here is only from my experience, so only accept it if you resonate with it. And don’t be going off your meds without talking to your doctor.

We Need to Feel

I think there are two primary reasons we feel depressed. The first is that we are avoiding feeling the negative emotions buried within us. But we are sensory beings. We need to feel in order to enjoy life!

When we don’t allow ourselves to fully feel everything because we’re scared of some emotions or have been taught it is wrong to feel some emotions, we naturally feel depressed. Our souls are here to feel. It’s a bummer when they can’t. Hence depression.

We Need to Create Our Own Lives

The other reason we get depressed is that we don’t feel in control of our lives. For example, some of us are in jobs we hate because we think we need to earn a living. (Aside—that’s one of my favourites of the jokes humanity has played on itself. Why would we need to earn a living? We are life itself!)

We have been taught that much of life is outside of our control. And it is, in a way. But in another way, it isn’t.

When your chakras are in balance and your mind, body, and spirit are in alignment, you are able to manifest or create anything you want. The illusion of limitation falls away and you can make your dreams come true. Our souls are here to do that. It’s a huge bummer when they can’t. Hence depression.

Balancing Your Chakras to Heal Your Depression

Using energy healing techniques helps you balance your chakras. As that happens (and it takes time), depression lifts on its own.

You will need to bring all your chakras back into balance to truly be your powerful, joyful, creative self.

  • Balancing your root chakra will give you the knowledge that you are safe and taken care of by the universe.
  • Balancing your sacral chakra will allow you to feel all emotions without being overwhelmed and reconnect you to your soul’s desires.
  • Balancing your solar plexus chakra will allow you to take action to create what you want and understand your role in the universe.
  • Balancing your heart chakra will open you up to the love that you really are and connect you with your true self and everyone else.
  • Balancing your throat chakra will allow you to speak your truth and share yourself with the world.
  • Balancing your third eye chakra will allow you to access your psychic gifts.
  • Balancing your crown chakra will allow you to feel your connection to everything and everyone.

These are the things our souls long for. You can see how we would feel depressed if we couldn’t have them.

Back to our need to feel for a moment. Obviously, no one wants to hear that they need to feel all the yuck they’ve been keeping down. But we’re feeling it anyway; we’re just not aware of it.

Bringing it into your awareness allows you to release it. And as you release you get lighter and lighter, healthier and healthier. And those chakras start spinning at the vibration they were meant to, giving you all the great things listed above.

So get on those chakras, sisters! Do what you need to do to get your chakras balanced and your mind, body, and spirit back into alignment and say goodbye to depression forever.

“Just wanted to book another session for my son over the next week or so here if possible? He seems to feel much better after his appointments. Thanks so much!” 


“Oh wow!! That’s amazing that you did the research and took the time to look into that for me. Thank you so much. You have such an amazing gift of healing.” 


“Hi, it’s the gal you did a reiki session on last Wed. I wanted to let you know that things have been very good since. I have felt lighter and more motivated. You were right, the first day or two after, I was feeling irritated by little things but that has seemed to pass for the most part. Thank you for the wonderful session and giving me some insight into some things right now.” 


“I’m doing well, feel more relaxed than I was before the session. Thank you for everything.” 


“Thank you again for the healing session, it helped a lot with the energy, as I could feel more of a third eye opening and even crown chakra opening recently.”

Dorian M.

“Thank you for the reiki session yesterday. You brought up some very insightful information and we’ll have to see what happens. I’m feeling quite emotional today so hopefully, I can release some things.” 

Miriam L.

“I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to reach out to thank you so much for your support through reiki over the last few months. I can say I have felt a connection and also have felt the benefits of clarity from these sessions.” 

Cameron L.

“Since the first session, I’ve felt amazing. I’m quite surprised. I feel pretty calm as well.”

C. C.

“I am feeling good now and I got my mojo back! Had a very good sleep last night. Thank you once again!!”

Linda G.

“Thank you so much I appreciate your help. Meeting you is the best thing that happened to me. I will definitely keep in touch.” 

Ike N.

“My favorite part is reading the email after [the distance session] because it is always bang on.” 

Brandi M.

“Well, I’d say you nailed me for sure! Made me laugh!! Everything you said does resonate with me.”

Deb. G.